Newsday Article: Owning a Historic Home

In early September of 2006Newsday Article: Owning a Historic Home I was interviewed by Ann Givens about the process of renovating and restoring a historic home for an article that appeared in the Real Estate section of the weekend edition of Newsday. While the origional article had a great photo gallery and video it is no longer online on the Newday website but you can still click here to read a PDF of the article .




BreakTime Tipi Fest: Friday, August 18th to Sunday August 20th, 2006

Every year for some six years now readers of Taunton Press’ Fine HomeBuilding Magazine who participate in the online forum there known as Breaktime get together each summer in the spirit of friendship and good cheer at what has come to be known as a “Fest”. For the Summer 2006 I was the host for the gathering of some 50 something fine home building professionals, fine home building enthusiasts, and their families.

The three day gathering saw the exchange of ideas and building techniques through some planned presentations as well as the informal banter that took place from the morning each day on late into the evening.

 Breaktime Tipi Fest Group Photo

  TipeFest Backyard

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