A Timber Frame Garden Room

The start to the timber frame garden room project made of eastern white pine milled with a planed finish.

Timber Frame start

All the roof panels I had fabricated from a heavy gauge yet light weight steel with a solid 6″ foam core. All panels were screwed together through the fabricated flanges and then screwed straight into the roof rafter timbers.


The foam/steel panels acted as a webbing to keep the structure from twisting from side to side. Heavy steel brackets were fabricated and bolted into strategic points of the timber frame for the additional support.

foam/steel panels


P1010003 stone on shower wall corner

Each step will illustrate the thought process in bringing a very natural and beautiful structure into completion as we move along in this illustrated process.

And a very happy home owner watches each process unfold


Looking out after most of the completion.

finished looking out

Fireplace and stone walls are about half finished.


and yet further along..

fireplace stone work partially done

For the ceilings we used primed bead board.


And the final photos of the completed project.






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