The economics in today's renovations

With gas and food prices high on the rise one most certainly asks the questions, "Do I really need…." -and- "Why do I"?

It’s more important now to understand the difference between necessity and luxury and it can be confusing for several reasons.

There are those times that form can come before function dependent on what makes and keeps you happy. Sometimes the visual is as…. or even more important then the function of an item.The Feng Shui or placement of items can be more important than the item itself. The empty spaces as well should be seriously considered when designing an area.I’ve witnessed quite a few people that are very dissatisfied with their choices once their project is complete. I think the problem arises from a preconceived notion people have in their minds prior to their project. What people need to do is compartmentalize more before haphazardly choosing items to place into their project.

Have all your ponies lined up before you parade them around for exhibit. Have a dress rehearsal if you will.

While an item may look inviting on it’s own merit it may not work well in the grand scheme of your plan. I see this happening far too often. Little things such as the placement of a window for example may look great from inside the room but walk outside and you start wondering…."why did I do that"?

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