Meet Andy Clifford

Andy CliffordGreetings Friends,

I run a small boutique Renovations & Restorations Company based in Cold Spring Harbor Long Island. I’ve been honing my craft full time for over thirty years now and my ultimate goal is to create a work of art with every project, big or small. I refuse to cut corners, unless of course, it’s attached to a piece of wood.

I work on one home at a time and am not interested in just filling my calendar. It is important to me to find folks who care more about quality and communication than just price and getting the job banged out. It is also important to me to work with people who can see eye to eye with one another. Life is too short for anything less.

I fully understand the need to follow a schedule and move at a pace that will create not just a finished project, but one that emanates heart and soul. When I leave your home my signature remains as does my reputation, for generations to come. The high quality and standards I expect of others I expect of myself in all that I do.

To me, there is always more than what simply meets the eye, and as a favorite Zen saying of mine goes,   “The secret of Zen is just two words: not always so” , a phrase meaning let’s not be caught in preconceived ideas that limit our horizons.

With that I look forward to meeting you.


Andy Clifford

Andy Clifford - Clifford Renovations & Restorations

Huntington, New York
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