Speaking of Timber Framing…

While I’m no timber framer it sure is something I’ve gotten a taste of and once a builder does there’s no turning back.

A true craftsperson usually has a love for the more natural forms of creation and a timber frame is the epitome of such building,

To me…it’s a form of art that stands well on it’s own merits.

This frame I did out on the eastern end of Long Island in Watermill (East Hampton area) a couple of winters ago with two other carpenters.

While the timbers are real the application is strictly for asthetics which I find absolutely nothing wrong with….beauty is beauty.

On the other hand…to me, faux beams are simply tacky. There’s so many ways to “keep it real” that trying to mimic a work of art is almost sinful to me.With these beams weighing thousands of pounds each and there being only three of us…..lets just say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

A true craftsman that loves their work finds challenges like this inviting.

To me, the hum-drum blasé’ day to day repetitive work, while necessary leaves something to be desired in not only inspiring myself but it also inspires that get to see it after I’m long gone and this to me is “what it’s all about”!

While it isn’t always about how much something costs to create something of beauty, it ‘is’ about the love of ones work that keeps the wheels spinning…or the creative juices running into a never ending stream of possibilities.

I believe all people within all that they do…whaqtever it is that they do have the same capacity to bring into our spaces creations of beauty. To me, it’s simply about soul. It’s about attitude.

It’s a reflection of who you are.

…and what you’re all about.

This particular project took the three of us three very long days.

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